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  • I'm an entrepreneur who has learnt quite a bit of business leadership too over the years. My entrepreneurial spirit has put me in a position of Director in a number of companies and I hope I have a motivational style. Increasing success and experience has provided me with the chance to acquire new skills, like guest speaker, and also to become part of a number of steering groups and boards for regional and international organisations.
    Chris Arnold
    Co-Founder at World Merit
  • Antonio is a lawyer and a technology entrepreneur. He is the founder of Overboost, a startup accelerator and of 54geeks a Startup Incubator in Argentina. Currently, Antonio is Advisor Partner in companies such as Kidbox.net, Ikensolutions.com, Bukeala.com, Doubledoods.com and Wisboo.com Antonio, is also Co-founder and president of Mobile Monday Buenos Aires.
    Antonio Peña
    Founder at Overboost & 54Geeks
  • Pablo Garfinkel
    Founder & Director at Tokai Ventures


  • Maca Lara dillon
    Founder at PULSOSOCIAL - Project Director
  • Federico Dibenedetto
    Co-Founder at WISBOO
  • Ezequiel Carlsson
    Co-Founder at WISBOO