Wisboo Startup Camp
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Wisboo Startup Camp

Más de 60 horas de contenidos 100% ONLINE y EN VIVO!

Del 11 al 16 de Noviembre celebramos el “Startup Camp - LatAm 2013” uno de los Feature Events de la Global Entrepreneurship Week, un innovador programa para formar e impulsar emprendedores y startups de Iberoamerica.





Capacitación para Startups. Tutorías virtuales de expertos sobre distintos temas de interés para apuntalar los primeros pasos de todo emprendedor.


Speaker Series

Charlas inspiradoras. Emprendedores de alto impacto, líderes y referentes de la región comparten sus visiones y experiencias.



Talleres con casos prácticos. Salas virtuales de entrenamiento en las que los startups reciben diagnósticos en vivo y aplican los conocimientos adquiridos.



Salas virtuales en las que los participantes se conectan y compartan sus proyectos. Lista pública de asistentes con sugerencias de contactos de acuerdo a sus perfiles e intereses.


Pitch Marathon

Competencia de Proyectos. 50 Startups seleccionados por el jurado entre los principales Hubs de la región tendrán la posibilidad de exponer sus proyectos frente a la comunidad de asistentes.


Coach Sessions

Los Startups seleccionados rotan por un panel de Mentores e Inversores, disponen de 10 minutos cara a cara para exhibir su proyecto y recibir feedback y coaching específico.

Conoce al equipo


  • I'm an entrepreneur who has learnt quite a bit of business leadership too over the years. My entrepreneurial spirit has put me in a position of Director in a number of companies and I hope I have a motivational style. Increasing success and experience has provided me with the chance to acquire new skills, like guest speaker, and also to become part of a number of steering groups and boards for regional and international organisations.
    Chris Arnold
    Co-Founder at World Merit
  • Antonio is a lawyer and a technology entrepreneur. He is the founder of Overboost, a startup accelerator and of 54geeks a Startup Incubator in Argentina. Currently, Antonio is Advisor Partner in companies such as Kidbox.net, Ikensolutions.com, Bukeala.com, Doubledoods.com and Wisboo.com Antonio, is also Co-founder and president of Mobile Monday Buenos Aires.
    Antonio Peña
    Founder at Overboost & 54Geeks
  • Pablo Garfinkel
    Founder & Director at Tokai Ventures
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  • Maca Lara dillon
    Founder at PULSOSOCIAL - Project Director
  • Federico Dibenedetto
    Co-Founder at WISBOO
  • Ezequiel Carlsson
    Co-Founder at WISBOO
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Conoce a los oradores

  • Marcos Galperín co-founded Mercadolibre, Inc. in 1999 and has been the Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer since October 1999. Mr. Galperín serves as the Chief Executive Officer of MercadoLibre.com. He served as Secretary of Mercadolibre, Inc. He worked at YPF S.A., an integrated oil company, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he was a Futures and Options Associate and managed YPF’s currency and oil derivatives program from 1994 to 1997.
    Marcos Galperin
    CEO/Co-founder at Mercadolibre
  • I have been building web-based products for more than a decade, and throughout that time I have been in search of a better, faster way for building successful products. I’ve tried everything from building products in stealth, building a platform, open sourcing, practicing release-early release-often, embracing “less is more”, and even trying “more is more”. Here’s what I’ve learnt: - Most startups fail and can consume years of your life. - Life’s too short to build something nobody
    Ash Maurya
    Founder/CEO at Spark59
  • Alan Moore is an established, author, educator and a practitioner who possesses a unique grasp on the changes that are reshaping our world, and an insight on how to transform organisations and businesses to thrive in a world where it’s not business as usual. Alan has worked with many of the leading educational and corporate institutions around the world, sharing his extensive knowledge and insights on innovation and transformation in the form of teaching, workshops and invitational speaking.
    Alan Moore
    Head of Strategic Marketing at Lawbite
  • Santiago Bilinkis is an entrepreneur, venture capitalist and executive, most notable for founding office supply delivery business Officenet in Argentina with Andy Freire. In late 1996 Bilinkis and Freire came up with the idea for Officenet and convinced four angel investors to help them develop the concept. The company was acquired by Staples Inc. in 2004. Santiago Bilinkis has also a strong involvement in entrepreneurship (sitting at the Board of institutions such as Endeavor Foundation.
    Santiago Bilinkis
    Co-Founder at Quasar Ventures
  • I'm an entrepreneur who has learnt quite a bit of business leadership too over the years. My entrepreneurial spirit has put me in a position of Director in a number of companies and I hope I have a motivational style. Increasing success and experience has provided me with the chance to acquire new skills, like guest speaker, and also to become part of a number of steering groups and boards for regional and international organisations.
    Chris Arnold
    Co-Founder at World Merit
  • Entrepreneur specialized in technology and finance. Especialidades:Technology, Finance, Latin America, M & A
    Wences Casares
    CEO at Lemon Wallet
  • Ariel Arrieta is a marketer, serial entrepreneur and angel investor. In 2009 he founded Nextperience creative agency, and NXTP Labs fund and accelerator.As business accelerator company NXTPLabs.com has +75 companies portfolio (goo.gl/LwKGN) As an angel investor he owns equity and has a board position in 22 internet startups. In June 2003 previous to Nxtp Labs & Nextperience, he co-founded Digital Ventures and InZearch and grew the business to become one of the leading Ad Networks in LATAM.
    Ariel Arrieta
    Co-Founder & CEO at NXTP Labs
  • Founder and CEO of Bunny Inc (VoiceBunny, Voice123) and Torrenegra Labs. VoiceBunny offers professional voices on-demand by tapping a crowd of thousands of voice actor working from pro studios. Voice123 is a collection of tools and services to help voice actors manage their careers. VoiceBunny and Voice123 work with over 200,000 voice actors and buyers. Alex is MIT’s Technology Review TR35 Top Colombian Innovator of the Year (2012), NYC Venture Fellow (2013), and Endeavor Entrepreneur (2013).
    Alex Torrenegra
    Founder of Torrenegra Labs and Bunny Inc
  • I am the president of Endeavor Global, an organization founded by Linda Rottenberg and Peter Kellner that leads the high impact entrepreneurship movement around the world supporting over 500 entrepreneurs with combined revenues of US$7 billion and over 250,000 jobs (2012). Before moving to NY I was the Managing Director of Endeavor Mexico; I started a business accelerator which failed in 2004 and I spent some time in microfinance, which never really got me excited.
    Fernando Fabre
    President, Endeavor Global
  • With an MBA from Stanford University, Emerson Andrade has a very strong operations and sales background. Prior to joining Peixe Urbano, he worked for Microsoft, in Seattle, managing Corporate Product Sales. Andrade started his career early at Amway, where at age 20, he led a group of more than 10 thousand representatives in seven countries. During this period, he delivered speeches and training to more than 150 thousand people. His career also includes passages through eBay Italy and Eli Lilly.
    Emerson Andrade
    Co-Founder of Peixe Urbano
  • Profesional con especialización de postgrado en Opinión Pública y Medios de Comunicación con experiencia laboral desarrollada en: - Planificación, Implementación y Regionalización de proyectos y Sites. - Análisis y mejora de Procesos de Negocios. - Consultor de Nuevos Medios (contenidos, estilos, tecnología y plataformas publicitarias) - Planificación estratégica y Marketing. Ingreso a nuevos mercados.
    Mariano Amartino
    Director de Latinoamérica at Wayra
  • María Gabriela Hoch is co-founder of International Doorway, member of Vital Voices Global Partnership Network and president/co-founder of Vital Voices Argentina. With her guidance, over 1,500 young women received leadership training; more than 300 emerging leaders participated in mentoring programs, and created a network of 2.500 women. Today, she is leading the International Doorway Women’s Empowerment Program to give the opportunity to young women to unveil their talent and influence.
    María gabriela Hoch
    Founder & CEO International Doorway Women's
  • Co-founder and Managing Partner at Velum Ventures and Director at Velum Early Stage Fund I. Extensive experience in the management and operation of small technological businesses throughout Latin America as an angel investor who often advises the management of the startups he funds. Serves as a professor of business strategy and entrepreneurship at various universities throughout Latin America. Frequently sought out as a lecturer at business conferences throughout Latin America.
    Esteban Mancuso
    Managing Partner at Velum Ventures
  • As Globant CEO, Martín's focus is to drive team building, corporate culture, revenue, objectives and profitability. He oversees the company's long-term goals, planning and analysis. In less than 10 years Globant currently employs 3200 professionals and has revenues of US$130 million in 2012. During this period, Globant has been recognized by prestigious institutions like MIT (written a business case about the company entitled “Globant, Leading the IT Revolution in Latin America”) and Harvard.
    Martin Migoya
    Co-Founder & CEO @Globant
  • Silvia de Torres Carbonell is a Full time Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship at IAE Business School; founder and Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship. She has a vast experience in the corporate world and businesses; being a board member for several companies during the last 15 years. She founded the Business Angels Club of IAE alumni, the first network of angel investors of this kind in Argentina.
    Silvia Torres carbonell
    Director at Entrepreneurship Center IAE
  • As Globant CTO, he leads the Premier League, an elite group of technology gurus whose main role is to think out of the box for their customers and the Globant Labs, a playground for exploration of new technologies. Guibert spends his time thinking about the next disruptive project that will shake the IT industry. His strong focus in technology, innovation and creativity drove Globant to be an expert in cutting edge practices, such as social networks, videogames and mobile.
    Guibert Englebienne
    Entrepreneur and Executive, CTO at Globant
  • Engineer, Angel Investor, entrepreneur and mentor for 24 years. Co-Founder of Patagon.com (acquired) & FastGood by Ferran Adria (acquired) Founder of BOMBAcamp, Mentorship-driven accelerator for Latam. Angel Investor in: Tiaxa.net, Javelin/Lean Startup Machine, One Month Rails, Sellywhere, We Startup Now, WeLive, Worket. Partner at DesignThinkers Group International. Studies in Creativity, LeanStartup methodology, Science of Happiness, Neuroscience of Behavior, Design Thinking & more.
    Alfredo Osorio
    Founder & CEO at BOMBAcamp
  • Juan Pablo was recently selected as a Top 50 Entrepreneur by Business Leader Magazine. Juan Pablo is a Principal Shareholder in the Latin American Group of Greenberg Traurig, an international 2,000 lawyer law firm. Juan Pablo was a partner in and a director of Patagon.com, which was sold to Banco Santander for a transaction value of over US$750 million. Juan Pablo is also a well known entrepreneur and deeply involved in supporting venture capital in Latin America.
    Juan pablo Cappello
    Principal Shareholder at Greenberg Traurig, LLP
  • Horacio is leading Start-Up Chile, the Chilean Government's program which seeks to position Chile as the leading innovation and entrepreneurship hub of LatAm. Start-Up Chile attracts global entrepreneurs from around the world so they can start their projects in Chile while sharing their knowledge with local entrepreneurs, thus spreading an entrepreneurial and global mentality in Chile. More than 700 startups have been funded by Start-Up Chile (USD 40k, equity free).
    Horacio Melo
    Executive Director at Start-Up Chile
  • Ezequiel Abramzon es Vicepresidente y Gerente General de Disney Interactive, el área de entretenimiento interactivo de The Walt Disney Company Latin America, con base en Argentina. Es responsable de la estrategia y operación de los medios digitales de Disney y Marvel y de la actividad de la Compañía en las redes sociales. Tiene a su cargo la estrategia y operación multi-plataforma de los juegos digitales para consolas, redes sociales, móviles y tabletas, así como del mundo virtual Club Penguin
    Ezequiel Abramzon
    Vice President & General Manager, Disney Interactive
  • Maximiliano has an extensive experience as a tech entrepreneur and angel investor in digital startups. He is able to identify unique investment opportunities and work closely together with management teams during the formation and growth cycles of Internet companies in Latin America including Brazil. He is passionate about Internet and entrepreneurship, and dedicate his career to these fields. Maximiliano is especially interested in develop emergent entrepreneurs and ideas.
    Maximiliano De muro
    Serial Entrepeneur
  • Hernan Kazah es co-fundador y Managing Partner de Kaszek Ventures, una firma de Venture Capital enfocada en la industria de tecnología en Latinoamérica. Antes de fundar Kaszek Ventures, Hernan cofundó MercadoLibre (Nasdaq: MELI), la mayor plataforma de comercio electrónico y pagos online en Latinoamérica, en 1999 donde trabajó por 12 años, los primeros 9 años como COO y los últimos 3 años como CFO.
    Hernán Kazah
    Co-founder & Managing Partner at Kaszek Ventures
  • Leo Sales is 32 years old, Brazilian, living in Sao Paulo. He holds a BA in Advertising and a MBA in Entertainment Marketing from ESPM RJ. He is co-founder of Movile, the leading platform for mobile content and commerce. Its product portfolio includes smartphone and tablet applications, m-payment, m-commerce, entertainment (including games, music, videos and images) and mobile marketing. Leo Sales is also an angel investor and mentor of some startups in Brazil and Argentina.
    Leonardo Sales
    Director of M-Commerce in Movile
  • Marta Cruz´s career has always been guided by innovation and creative concepts. In 2011 she co-founded NXTPlabs, Latinamerica-based accelerator seed fund, where invests and provides hands-on support and community to entrepreneurs with passion for starting up and growing their companies. NXTPLabs provides seed funding, mentoring, community and office space to entrepreneurs with great ideas and execution capabilities. She currently serves as Director and board member of both companies.
    Marta Cruz
    Co-Founder & Director en NXTPLabs
  • César Salazar is a Venture Partner at 500 Startups overseeing investments in Spanish-speaking Latin America. He's known for jumpstarting the Mexican entrepreneurial ecosystem. He helped start and spread initiatives such as Hackspedition, Startup Dojo and SuperHappyDevHouse across his home country. Before joining 500, César was an entrepreneur and interaction designer for more than a decade. Additionally, he's a member of the Regional Advisor Board of Startup Weekend.
    César Salazar
    Venture Partner at 500 Startups
  • Rose is a Belgian who moved to Argentina in 2011 to start up Enablis Entrepreneurial Network´s activities in Latin America. She is based in Buenos Aires where she co-founded the network that now counts 48 entrepreneurs, and is currently looking into opening a chapter in Colombia. Before that, she led Enablis´ expansion efforts in Africa opening Enablis´ first chapter for West Africa in Ghana. Before joining Enablis, Rose worked as a Strategy Consultant for Accenture during 10 years in Europe.
    Rose Vervenne
    Vice-President Latin America at Enablis
  • Legal Service for Entrepreneurs, Business Angels & Venture Capital Funds Especialidades:Matchmaking between Entrepreneurs & Investors
    Manuel Tanoira
    Tanoira Cassagne
  • Durante 2004 comence el desarrollo de Zimio, un sitio web de avisos clasificados gratuitos en español. En Diciembre 2004 vendí la totalidad de mis acciones de imagemaker studios, y me dediqué por completo a desarrollar FayerWayer, Saborizante y Nuyorker bajo el paraguas de Zetacorp Networks, una red de blogs. En Mayo 2006, junto a Tomás Pollak, Ismael Celis y Héctor Vergara, fundamos Aardvark Labs para desarrollar aplicaciones web, trabajando para las empresas más grandes de Chile.
    Leo Prieto
    Founder of Betazeta Networks, Aardvark Labs, and ImageMaker Studios
  • Profesional en el área comercial, + 13 años de experiencia en ventas publicitarias. Especialidades:Estrategias comerciales On y Offline. Gestión de equipos de alto rendimiento. Gestión de Negocios Pan regionales y locales. Branded Entertainment.
    Facundo Guzman
    Director Comercial en Facebook
  • Fundador & C.E.O. de InvertirOnline.com. Ingreso al sector de tecnológico cuando recién comenzaba Internet en América Latina. A los 20 años fundó el 1º proveedor de Internet en el Norte Argentino en 1994, desde ese entonces contribuyó con diversas empresas de Internet durante su desarrollo en la región, también trabajó en el área de Business Development de Ideal Logic (EE.UU.) Especialidades:Internet, Finanzas, America Latina, Mercado de Capitales, Fusiones & Adquisiciones
    Facundo Garretón
    Fundador & CEO de InvertirOnline.com
  • With wide experience in R&D+i at Telecommunication and Software Engineering sector, I have been always working developing, transferring and promoting innovative technologies. Also I have been founder in a couple of non fully successful startups. Starting on April 2013, I am glad to be part of Developer Relations team at Google. From an educational point of view, I have completed a master degree in Computer Science. Particularly I am extending my skills on business & management.
    Andrés leonardo Martinez
    Developer Program Manager at Google
  • Manager IncubaUC, business Incubator of PUC, Chile & Co-founder Cosmetofood Chile S.A. Marcelo Diaz, is a creative talent who is rare in the sphere of Innovation Incubation and Start up Sector with Friendly nature and humorous way put the Idea clearly through productive communication. www.cosmetofoodchile.com / Winners of the Avonni prize of Chile 2012, category Food.
    Marcelo Diaz bowen
    Manager IncubaUC
  • Consultant, Investor and Startup Coach Independent Pro-Bono Work Designing a strategic roadmap to consolidate Buenos Aires as a regional innovation, creativity and international entrepreneurship powerhouse. Promoting the development of the innovation and global entrepreneurship ecosystem through coaching, angel investments, advocacy, training and policy-making advise. Provided Pro-Bono projects and/or support to Buenos Aires City Government, Endeavor, Socialab, Banco de Alimentos, etc.
    Ignacio Peña
    Management Consultant
  • Industrial Engineer from ITBA - Buenos Aires Institute of Technology (Argentina). 15 years of experience creating programs for innovation, acceleration, and business building creation. Cofounder of diverse organizations, for and non for profit, among them: EMPREAR, ITBA Entrepreneurship Center, MABB S.A. (Bioengineering). Specialized in Management and Entrepreneurship Courses (University of California, MIT, IESE and Endeavor). Author of the Book “El Emprendedor Profesional”. Chairman Professor
    Daniel Miguez
    Co-founder at Emprear
  • José Ugarte
    Managing Director at Orugga
  • Experto en estrategias de manejo de portfolios de marcas, patentes, propiedad intelectual e I+D. Inversionista en IDEAME, URBITA, TIENDA NUBE, AGENT PIGGY, LIVE NINJA, KAIROS y Fundador de DadNeos Seed Fund & Angel Network y Maganing Invesor en VULCANO VC
    Allan Jarry
    Founder at DadNeos Seed Fund & JarryIP Law Firm
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